Four Percent Group Review – Is it the best marketing and training center?

You have landed to this page because probably you were searching for the four percent group review. You are welcome to stop by my site. In this detail article I showed everything about the four percent group and also I showed how much money I made using this system.

The Four percent group is a place for both online marketers and business opportunity seekers who pledge to do only 4% work but to get 96% result. That means minimal work, only which is required and maximum results. It's like doing smart work and by changing strategies towards marketing. It’s a great idea for higher conversions, if you can come up with a new proven strategy which is not saturated. This is right place to hangout. Here only serious marketers share their strategies with each other

Selling Online is not so easy as well as not so hard if you know what you are doing.

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Meet the creator of The Four Percent Group

Have you ever thought about the writer of a novel before buying it? Is the person popular? Are his creations well appreciated all over world?

The creator of four percent group is none other than Vick Strizheus, Who is the creator of High Traffic Academy and also he has made a record in network marketing industry to earn huge amount of money in short amount of period.

He came up with the strategy that he will help a newbie to become from zero to hero that means from nobody to a successful independent online marketer in Just 90 days and to create as many success stories as he can.

This is not the first time he is the game of online marketing. He has already made millions of dollar online and also formed a company named High Traffic Academy, Where he teaches how to drive laser targeted traffic to your offer. Through this program he already made lots of success stories and this time he came up with a bigger mission and vision.

Four Percent Group Review - How will it help you to become a successful, independent marketer?

Vick says. .. Systems work, People fail.

He was thinking about an idea that if there were a Proven DONE-FOR-YOU system, where no human component is needed, the system will do 90% of the work itself, how awesome that would be?

People will just use the system and make money by marketing and promoting the system. Inside the member's area, there are 4 done-for-you funnels right now to promote other people’s product to make a commission. There are also marketing training to help you get started to produce sales and generate commission on a daily basis. I will tell about this later in this four percent group review. It also has M.S.I (Multiple source of incomes.) that means not only one affiliate product, but there are lots of other tool and recommended software to make money from different sources.

It has big ticket products as well as small ones also. It’s like a heaven in earth for affiliates. It’s a system where no human component is needed. The system works itself. You just need to drive traffic to a particular funnel, in whichever you are interested and the system does the rest including email follow ups, weekly hangouts and all. By the way It also has a very active Facebook group to get help and support if anybody is stuck in somewhere

It’s always good if you follow the Bucket System. You may be thinking what Bucket System is. Here is the bucket Concept.

In a big bucket if you put small pebbles, then it will take lot of time and also lots of pebbles but if you can manage to put big boulders, it will fill up very fast very soon.

four percent group review

So what’s the connection between bucket concept and four percent group?

If you promote a funnel where front end it has low ticket product but at the back-end it has big ticket products. So let’s say your front end offer is a 47$ product which pays 22$ commission and at the back end there is a big ticket which is of 12 grand and it pays 4k and also if it had residual income stream?The four percent group has all these things in place.

It has all the marketing training and materials available in the member’s area. It’s not the typical training in the industry where you will get information overloaded and confused by what to do and what not to do. It’s a simple only 4% materials which will give you 96% of results and it’s true. I am gonna tell you about this training later in this post.

What is Operation 101k?

It’s basically like a reality show you watch on the TV. It’s a 90 Day training program where Vick being a complete novice will show you how to build list from scratch and how to get to 100k in 90 days. That’s why it’s called Operation 100k

It’s the best way to learn. Rather than reading text books and figuring it out by yourself, if somebody comes to you and illustrate everything in front you. Which one is the most effective way to get that thing? The second one. Right? You agree or disagree?

I have been in this internet marketing industry for 4 years now and I have not seen any guru teaching over the shoulder from start to finish. This is priceless. What typical marketers do, they will just give you pre-recorded videos and will make you confuse by giving lots of information.

You don’t need information. You need results. This information industry has a lot of potential and growth. Because who doesn’t want to know more about a thing if he/she is passionate about that thing. And the negative side of this is 99% of marketers are misusing it. Instead of showing real uncut raw over the shoulder how to training they are just bombarding with garbage. So that you will be confused and you will seek for information to clear all of your doubts. They will create another rubbish product and sell to you.

Trust me I was a victim of this thing. Since when I have realised the fact that I don’t need any more information, I need results. That may be also applies to you. You don’t need any more information. You just need goddamn results. Isn’t it?

Vick teaches to focus on the 4% traffic, which is the most valuable traffic because the other 96% is junk. If you are in this industry for quite a long time, you will be knowing that and inside the member’s area he also shows what the good traffic course is in the time being, which one converts and which one doesn’t and the 4% activities you need to do that to get the conversions. I mean money in your pocket. It teaches you how to become a magnetic entrepreneur. People will come to you without chasing after them because of the value and reputation you will have in this industry. All this will be included in this Operation 100K program.

So What is my Verdict?

No doubt, It's a great opportunity to build a successful business online. Since When I have joined this group, all I do is drive traffic to the landing page and the system does the rest for me. I have already shown you my results.

If you want to be a true four percenter then click here to get inside of the four percent group and if you join under my affiliate link there is a cool bonus for you.

I will offer you a 30 mins Skype call with me, where you can ask any question related to marketing and also I will show my strategies how I am doing marketing now a days.

Thank you for reading my four percent group review.

How to get more traffic from google

Google is one of the most secondhand internet search engine. Usually it refines 40,000 searches a 2nd. (internetlivestats) Considering that Google is the giant of the web, it would not harm to obtain on its silver lining. Every person constantly ask the age old concern, “just how do I obtain my web site to rate on Google?” My reply constantly is, placing well on Google is difficult and also it is not fast. You should show your internet site to Google. For you, there are some basic methods to enhance your search engine ranking.


Make web content your consumers would certainly look for. Consider exactly how your site is being viewed by Google as well as your consumers. You intend to intend material in the direction of commonly asked questions, or fascinating realities and also information bordering your market.

If you require extra motivation, take a look at your rivals blog sites, or Google relevant keyword phrases for short article concepts. Attempt to take currently effective short articles as well as make them much better. Can you make a truly awesome infographic with even more existing information? Do it! Guides produce memorable web content as well.

You can hire SEO agencies to do the work for you. There are many good SEO’s out there. One of them is Pritam Das. He has been doing search engine optimization for the past 4 years and has built a very successful 5 figure per month .Pritam Das, initially started with affiliate marketing then he slowly moved towards social media marketing. Now he owns an SEO agency where he takes client’s work to rank pages for them.

pritam das This is a case study post where he is testing his methods to rank images in google very quickly. So stay connected for more updated in future. Pritam Das will post a detailed post on this later how to do this, what things to keep in mind.

Sprinkle key words right into material by suitable key phrases right into your website that connect to your organisation. Caution! Do not things key phrases in! Include them. Allow’s make use of “stump elimination” and also “stump elimination solution” and also placed them right into a blog site:


Beg your H1 tags & picture alt tags

The little points count also in Search Engine Optimization. Usage header tags, or H1 tags, to include a tiny increase to a web page’s Search Engine Optimization. These are the headers for your website or post, that provide your viewers as well as Google a far better understanding of just what the web page’s material is. Picture alt tags are inside a picture tag. Placing a search phrase or 2 in below could spruce up your web pages Search Engine Optimization.

How To Make 1000 Dollars Fast Working From Home Online

There is one million ways of how to make 1000 dollars fast or in just one day. The problem most of us face every day is, we chose not to do them. If you are reading this article, chances are, you do not have an annual salary of $360,000. Reality is, for most of us, making this kind of money is not going to happen from a day-to-day job. It will require creative thinking. The wealthy people think outside the box, take risks and have a plan. The key to a long-term-wealth is adopting these characteristics in our lives as action items.

Ask yourself, what can I do to make money tomorrow? I can think of some easy things to do very quickly. Have a garage sale. I defiantly have at least one thousand dollars worth of stuff which I do not use anymore. Invest money. Investing money and most efficient way to make money. What can you buy today for $10 and sell tomorrow for $20. The point is, anything you can do tomorrow other than go to work from nine to five is outside of the box.

The next action item is probably the most important. In order to do something outside the box you must willing to take risks. The fastest way to make one thousand dollars, may also be the fastest way to lose it. I do not mean gambling when I say take risks. I am encouraging you to try something new. Be adventurous with your actions and ideas. Most of the time it will take money to make money however, it is possible to turn ten bucks into twenty maybe thirty dollars. Your success will certainly be a story of trial and error. So, do not be afraid to fail.

Once you have our idea and your willing to take the risk then it is important to create a plan. Taking the time to think about your next step and why will always increase your probability of being successful. Start with then end goal first. Work backwards to create your plan. For example if I wanted to make a quick grand by flipping a car. The goal is to sell a car for a thousand dollar profit. Getting a professional detail and a free inspection will probably help me sell the car but I will have to buy the car for a good price first. Have the car professionally detailed and looking good. Finally re-list the car and cash out.

The hardest part of the equation is actually implementing these three concepts into your daily life. Thinking outside the box, taking a risk and creating a plan seems almost to easy. What makes it difficult is getting out of the daily routine and actually doing these very simple things.

How to Make 1000 Dollars Fast- A Short Guide to Make Money Online

Making money online is not something that has to be hard or complicated. In fact many people have been making money online for years now, and have been doing this very successfully. The way that many people do this is by selling some sort of product online or marketing someone else’s product online.

A well designed and thought out product can sell very well online. You do have to be prepared to put in the work and effort to design a product that you would like to sell though. The key is to design a product that people are going to want to buy. This involves looking for a niche, and being able to provide a service or product to fill that niche. The product will need to have some sort of value that will fill the need of the buyer. You will have to develop a web site in order to do this, and you will need to have a good sales pitch, remembering that while a lot of people might read the pitch not many will buy the product. You will have to work hard at marketing your product, which is something you can start off doing yourself or you can pay others to do for you in the form of commissions. The key is to drive as many people to your site as possible so that you can make sales. The more people that visit your site the more sales you will makes, so that means with enough traffic you can easily make a thousand dollars.

how to make 1000 dollars fast

Designing a product to sell online can be quite time consuming and not everyone wants to start off that way. In some cases promoting a product that someone else has design can also be very effective. If this is the way you are leaning, you will want to research products and find a good one that you feel good about promoting. It does not hurt to purchase the product and try it out. This will allow you to better promote the product, as well as give potential buyer information about the product first hand. Once you have a product you are ready to promote it is quite simple. Write articles about what this product will do for people, and direct people to the products site.

If someone goes on to make a purchase you can collect a commission for getting the person to that website. You do have to remember that a lot of people are not necessarily going to purchase the product. This means that it is important for you get very creative, and put out lots of articles or opportunities in forums where people have the opportunity to click through to make a purchase. The more opportunities people have to get to the product website the greater the chance of you making a commission, and therefore the quicker you will make a thousand dollars.

Making money online is very achievable and in many cases just depends on how creative you can get and how much time you want to put into your project. In either of the two cases mentioned above, it is possible to answer your question how to make 1000 dollars fast and in some cases quite a bit of money, it all depends on what you want and how much effort you put into put into your project.

What is niacin flush? Everything you need to know

Niacin is vitamin B3, and niacin flush is an uncomfortable, hot prickly sensation around the face or at the back of the hands with a sensation like pins or needles pricking your skin that sometimes lead to reddening of the skin. Niacin flush occurs when the thinnest blood vessels known as capillaries enlarge in size hence allowing more blood to rush through.

The capillaries are so tiny that even the blood cells have to pass through them only in a single file. There work in your body is to transport away toxins and other wastes. Sometimes these toxins are made up of fat cells. The niacin flush is beneficial to your health hence you should not panic when you experience it.

== Accumulation of Toxins == 

The fat cells that are available in your body help to hold the toxins that are available in your body. When you engage yourself in heavy stressful exercise, you force the fat cells to release the toxins they had captured.

When this happens, the toxins begin to escape slowly leaching out into the surrounding tissues leading to poisoning of your system. The fat cells with their load of toxins accumulate within a small portion of the capillaries. But if your capillaries are clogged, the body will have to look for means of flushing these toxins from the system.

== Importance of Niacin == 

Imagine if your capillaries are clogged, how much you need to take in a lot of vitamin B3 to help open the capillaries so as to allow blood to flow through them. This free flow of blood has no side effects.

Niacin acts by enabling these tiny capillaries to double in size hence allowing blood to rush through causing the reddening of the skin.

As the capillaries work to remove the toxins, they produce Histamine, which is the cause of the prickly sensation that you feel. Hence taking a diet that is full of niacin is helpful to your health by helping your system to flush out those harmful body toxins.

When you include niacin in your diet, soon you will begin to experience the health benefits of increased blood flow carrying the much-needed nutrients all over the body while at the same time removing harmful toxins that are potential pathogens.

More info here:

In conclusion, therefore, niacin is required in body detoxification hence you can use it as a regular component of body cleansing.

You can get your niacin from consuming organic foods like lima beans, cooked/raw mushrooms, peanut butter, tomatoes, whole wheat bread, corn kernel, beef live, wild salmon and organic chicken.

How to Get Rid of Ringworm Fast

Want to know the best way to eliminate, prevent ringworm and the embarrassing moments it has caused you. You are not alone; Ringworm is a common infection these days. But the most important thing is to know how to get rid of ringworm fast, permanently and without any side effects.

how to get rid of ringwormRingworm is quite a distinct skin condition in appearance due to its obvious circular shape. It’s a wonder it’s even called “ringworm” because it is in fact, not even a “worm” at all!

Ringworm is a fungal infection that takes on the appearance of a red circle on the skin. This is why it’s quite easy to diagnose yourself with it. You also might be under the impression that you have it if you’ve been experiencing strong itchiness and pain in the rash area.

It’s true that ringworm isn’t fun and it’s not very pleasant to look at, but you’ll probably be thrilled to know that it’s not very harmful and it’s pretty easy to treat.

If you’ve got a case of ringworm that you’d like to see go, it may be time to break out the antifungal creams. The great thing about this treatment is that you can get these creams over-the-counter without needing a prescription or doctor’s office visit. Usually, the correct dosage of antifungal cream will wipe out a case of ringworm pretty quickly. If you’re not sure where to start, check out creams at your local pharmacy including:
-Mycelex at your local

Of course, there are also home remedies that many people have discovered to get rid of ringworm. If you want to try alternative remedies out, it may be worth it to check out treatments like tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. Tea tree oil has also been specifically known to treat all kinds of skin conditions including acne, warts, boils, and more. These treatments might be more affordable as well if you’re trying to get rid of ringworm on a budget. For more info visit this website:

It’s pretty easy to get rid of ringworm all by yourself, and most people will be able to. However, if things get out of hand and your ringworm doesn’t seem to be getting any better, it may be time to consult a doctor over the condition. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe alternative or stronger methods of medication including oral medicine. Strong cases that require oral medication aren’t common, but they aren’t impossible either. Stay on top of your ringworm infection, and it should be gone in no time!

Care For Your Skin Using Safe Mole Removal Cream

It is a natural reaction among people to doubt whether a mole removal cream is safe for use when they use it for the first time. Despite a large number of testimonies about how effective this product is, the doubt cannot be fully expunged. This just proves that people are not concerned about the safety of the product but of its specific efficacy to solve the skin condition. To find out the right way of using these products, you have to acquaint yourself with the products that are actually in the market. If you look at these products more closely, you will see that they are herbal and chemical-based.

The distinction of these products can be found in their strengths. But the application should be done properly no matter which product is used particularly if certain results are desired. What you should do is to isolate the creams that are chemical-based. Once you do, you will be able to look at the components and see which ones are going to be effective in mole removal. In doing this, you will be able to have a good understanding of the proper use of the product. The same applies when using herbal bases. Click here to know the best mole removal cream

If chemical based creams are used, the main concerns are skin irritation and scarring. Skin irritation and scarring could arise from the use of acids, which is commonly found in many chemical based creams. Taking into account that people have different skins, the intensity of resistance to the chemical is different. Do not presume that a chemical cream would be universally effective just because it turns out to be effective for one or two people. It is still better if you consult with a doctor about it so he can assess the right chemical based mole removal cream that is suited for your skin type. Protect your eyes from the acids in these mole removal creams that are chemically based by not applying them on moles that are on the eyes or close to them.

Also considered to be just as effective are the herbal creams. They are also purported to be milder and safer, and they also cost less. You will also pit them against the same effects that are caused by the chemical creams to see if they will work for you. Skin irritation and scarring are also concerns; however, you will surely find a product that will be suitable for your sensitive skin. Initially, you will experience some skin irritation when you first start using the herbal creams. However, you are not going to have to worry about any scarring. However, when it comes to dealing with moles in your eyes, the herbal cream will also be a big no as a mode of treatment.

These two products will never be fully effective unless you go over the instructions of use and follow them properly. It could also be that the doctors could tell you how to use it. If you bought the product from a chemist, he could also tell you the proper way of using it. But there is a label on the product that contains instructions. You must read it. The ingredients should also be noted. Aside from that, you should read when it was manufactured and when it will expire. Although you can see the mole removal working, you should bring the healing and recovery to the attention of a doctor.

Are you thinking to buy clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a supplement that has been used for more than 30 years to treat various diseases and later it was found out that it can also help in body building and weight loss. Before getting to use the pill, you first learn how the Clenbuterol cycle works: this is the duration and time you take the dose. There are different schedule for both men and women; it should mostly be taken during the day since it takes 24 hours active. This cycle goes for two weeks on and off for a six week period; these will help boost your weight loss. These supplements have lately hit the market they are mostly used by bodybuilders, athletes and models contributing to making them look good and stamina too.

Clenbuterol results start appearing on your body comparatively quick. It helps in speeding up the metabolic reaction thus melting down the excessive fats in the body of an overweight person. Clenbuterol cannot directly break down the excess fats. Therefore,buy clenbuterol you should also have exercise programs as you take the dosage. Some fats are always stored in the body. Before you buy clenbuterol it is important to know that the supplements will help in shedding of the fat that gets to be kept under the skin giving athletes and body builders a well-toned look. It also increases the body temperature, improves respiratory system and fast fat burning in the body.

Clenbuterol is a naturally made pill, therefore, safe for use. Though the results of the drugs will not come immediately you start using them at a point you will start noticing a change in your body. You still have to make some little effort for the loss of weight to occur by doing exercise to burn out the calories from your body and include a healthy diet.

Just like any other drug, Clenbuterol comes along with various adverse effects. However, this should not be a problem since most of these side effects are short-lived and they include. Rashes, Vomiting, sweating, shivering, stomach upset, and irritation of the digestive tract just to name a few. It is, therefore, paramount to consult your personal doctor as this will help you to understand whether you are in a good position to take Clenbuterol. As a matter of fact, based on your health condition your doctor will prescribe the perfect dosage for you.
At times you might consume Clenbuterol and experience severe side effects despite the fact that you are in good health. The best thing to do is to inform your doctor as these could be due to allergic reaction from various ingredients used to make this product. Always remember to take the drug exactly as you had been prescribed.

Benefits of Using the Best weight Gainer

The use of weight gainer is popular amongst muscle builder. However, if you are not aware of what the term is referring to, it sounds as if it is used for people that have difficulty trying to gain weight. This is exactly what it is referring to, only that this is used together with the proper exercise. While some people are exercising to lose weight, others are exercising to gain weight. It is difficult for them to gain weight through eating a lot and exercise at the same time, which is why they are offered with various mass gainers in the market. It is designed for their bodies to take in more than 4000 calories a day. Such cases wherein people are having difficulty gaining weight are rare, but they can have the most difficult days, just like overweight people are having difficulty losing theirs.

best weight gainer

Why mass gainers?
Keep in mind that there are various supplements and other vitamins that are designed to gain people some weight. Some people are not just contented with simple vitamins and supplements, especially when the results are quite slow. It is because of this that there are certain sectors in the industry created their products that will be used to gain weight.

Because of individuals that are having difficulty gaining weight, the use of mass gainers is exactly what it is said – to gain massive weight. However, they work in a way that is not abusive to the body. It focuses on certain minerals and vitamins that the body needs. Extreme calorie intake can be quite difficult when individuals have no idea the right food that will do exactly that. With mass gainers, individuals can gain weight, which is usually provided in more than 4000 calories each day. Most of these mass gainers are packed with proteins and complex carbs, with less sugar that does not compromise the body.

With specially formulated fats in mass gainers, it helps the individual stay clean. This is why it comes with a particular dietary fat – something that does not destroy the whole look and feel of the body. This is especially very critical amongst weight gainers to take in the correct mass gainer as possible.

With the right formulation, individuals trying to gain weight can find the right mass gainer specially formulated for a specific purpose. They are usually taken as meal replacements or drank together with the food you eat for breakfast. Because of this, it helps people gain the energy they need for the entire day.

The calorie levels in mass gainers is something that will never be understood by those that are casually trying to gain weight with the protein supplement. To build the muscles effectively, the mass gainer must have the right levels of calorie that the individual is used to. Because of the proper weight gain, it is accompanied by proper exercise. With this done daily, it will be no wonder how individuals can gain the weight and muscle they were dreaming of.

Tips to Maintain a Young and Good Looking Skin

The search for products that can help reduce the effects of aging on the skin is still ongoing. In fact, this would probably be true in the next couple of months or decades.

For those who are capable of paying doctors some hundreds or thousands of bucks, their choice of skin won’t be that hard to attain. What happens to those who are less fortunate? Don’t they have the right to also look beautiful or, at the very least, presentable?

Of course, they have. All it takes is a positive mindset and a determination to achieve some goals.

Here are some tips that can help you maintain a healthy-looking skin:

1) Eat a lot of fruits that are good sources of retinol

As most of us know, retinol or Vitamin A is a natural ingredient found in a number of foods that can help protect against aging. Eating carrots and tomatoes, which are both rich in betacarotene, would also be a huge help. It’s because betacarotene is a precursor of Vitamin A. This means that the body converts digested food with betacarotene to retinol or Vitamin A. Moreover, fruits such as lemons and limes help produce more collagen in the skin.

2) Quit smoking

Research reveals that smokers are likely to suffer from wrinkles than those who do not smoke. There’s a reason behind this: carbon monoxide in cigarettes is capable of cutting off the small blood capillaries that are known to feed the skin. Moreover, smoking interrupts the body’s absorption of Vitamin C which is an important component for the growth of new collagens.

3) Quit alcohol

Alcohol can make the skin or your body dehydrated. That’s why you’ll often look old and tired when you’re drunk. If you can’t really completely get rid of alcohol, make sure to drink moderately and drink plenty of water afterwards. You may likewise drink non-alcoholic drinks such as soda water or fruit juice in between alcoholic drinks to keep your body rehydrated.

4) Stay away from the sun during high-intensity hours

Often, the rays of the sun are most damaging between 10AM and 4PM, so it’s best to stay at home during these hours. If there’s really a need for you to go out, make sure to wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, trousers, or pants. If you’re not sure what clothes to wear, choose any tight woven fabric as they provide better protection.

5) Use sunscreen

Sun screen is a known protector against the heat of the sun. Just make sure to choose a sunscreen with a broad spectrum or something that has a sun protection factor that’s greater than 15. Apply sunscreen generously approximately 20 minutes before going out. If there’s a need for you to stay longer, apply sunscreen again every two hours.

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6) Regularly clean your skin

Cleansing is an essential component in skin care as it helps remove dirt that can damage the skin. One tip on doing this is to perform it gently. You can likewise use warm water instead of hot water and use mild soap rather than the strong ones.

Maintaining a Healthy Body and Mind

For one to live healthily, it’s important that he maintains a balanced diet. Others may say that it’s easier said than done. In reality, it’s actually very doable and not that hard to practice daily.

Here are some ways to help maintain a healthy body and a sound mind:

1) Always keep a positive mindset

Make sure to keep yourself motivated at all times. Whether you’re dieting to keep your body in shape or look good in a bikini, it always pays to have an inspiration to further push you to do something good. You may likewise surround yourself with a couple of motivational quotes so that you can easily visualize your goals.

2) Create a fitness plan that you can follow

Come up with some realistic targets each day or week and take note of your progress. If you want, you can also have a partner or buddy who can help you perform some exercises and likewise record some results.

3) Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They’re likewise overflowing with antioxidants that would help keep yourself away from cancer and boost your energy.

4) Drink plenty of water

Water is an essential component in the human body as it helps carry nutrients and oxygen to body cells. It likewise helps with your body’s overall metabolism and aids in the detoxification process. Moreover, water supports digestion and helps eliminate waste products that are present in the blood.

5) Regularly perform physical exercises

Choose some set of workout routines that could not only help you burn some fats, but likewise add some muscles. Aside from lifting weights, pushing up, or jogging, you can also try Zumba. It always promotes high energy and it’s very fun to perform. If you still find it quite intense, you may do Pilates session or yoga exercises to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.

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6) Take time to reward yourself

Not because you have a goal to make, you should be punishing yourself. Do take note that you need to record your progress so you’ll know how things are going with your fitness regimens. If you notice some improvements every week or so, reward yourself. This will prevent you from thinking that you’re trapped into “eating a healthy diet.” This may sound good, but it can sometimes be stressful in the long run.