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Many 3D videos are available for streaming to your 3D device.
Filming 3D content includes some artistic choices not needed when shooting 2D. Attention to details in convergence provide for a more enjoyable 3D experience.

3D Mobile Devices

Cell phones with 3D screens are popular all over the world for providing the 3D experience on-the-go. These devices use 3D screen technology called auto-stereo (or glasses-free) to deliver a 3-dimensional effect to an individual viewer. 3D phones have been most widely adopted in geographies where individuals have already begun to watch videos on their cell phones on a regular basis. The number of options for products in this category is expected to explode with the introduction of more broadcast options for mobile devices.

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3D Mobile Handsets

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LG ElectronicsThrill 4G
Series: Optimus
AT&T None
4.30" LCDMore Info
dual-core, dual-channel, dual-memory processor that contributes to smooth rendering of 3D content. The phone is built on a Texas Instruments OMAP. Access to 3D content via Gameloft 3D store, mSpot and YouTube. Other features include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a personal organizer, USB syncing and mass storage, GPS, a music player, 8GB of internal memory, a 1,500 mAh battery, and support DLNA/HDMI connection. Wikitude 3D browser can be downloaded for free to create a virtual reality view with markers placed over objects the camera is viewing. [ hide ]
Sony EricssonXperia arc S
Series: Xperia arc
4.20" LCD