What is niacin flush? Everything you need to know

Niacin is vitamin B3, and niacin flush is an uncomfortable, hot prickly sensation around the face or at the back of the hands with a sensation like pins or needles pricking your skin that sometimes lead to reddening of the skin. Niacin flush occurs when the thinnest blood vessels known as capillaries enlarge in size hence allowing more blood to rush through.

The capillaries are so tiny that even the blood cells have to pass through them only in a single file. There work in your body is to transport away toxins and other wastes. Sometimes these toxins are made up of fat cells. The niacin flush is beneficial to your health hence you should not panic when you experience it.

== Accumulation of Toxins == 

The fat cells that are available in your body help to hold the toxins that are available in your body. When you engage yourself in heavy stressful exercise, you force the fat cells to release the toxins they had captured.

When this happens, the toxins begin to escape slowly leaching out into the surrounding tissues leading to poisoning of your system. The fat cells with their load of toxins accumulate within a small portion of the capillaries. But if your capillaries are clogged, the body will have to look for means of flushing these toxins from the system.

== Importance of Niacin == 

Imagine if your capillaries are clogged, how much you need to take in a lot of vitamin B3 to help open the capillaries so as to allow blood to flow through them. This free flow of blood has no side effects.

Niacin acts by enabling these tiny capillaries to double in size hence allowing blood to rush through causing the reddening of the skin.

As the capillaries work to remove the toxins, they produce Histamine, which is the cause of the prickly sensation that you feel. Hence taking a diet that is full of niacin is helpful to your health by helping your system to flush out those harmful body toxins.

When you include niacin in your diet, soon you will begin to experience the health benefits of increased blood flow carrying the much-needed nutrients all over the body while at the same time removing harmful toxins that are potential pathogens.

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In conclusion, therefore, niacin is required in body detoxification hence you can use it as a regular component of body cleansing.

You can get your niacin from consuming organic foods like lima beans, cooked/raw mushrooms, peanut butter, tomatoes, whole wheat bread, corn kernel, beef live, wild salmon and organic chicken.


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